Mar 2, 2021 • 4M

You're A Star

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Listen to the latest audio creations from Danger Third Rail, from odd experimental snippets to demos of full fledged punk songs. Chiptunes/electronica too!
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This is the second track from my Danger Third Rail EP Radio Machine. It was released in August 2018 (omg I haven’t released any “professional” music since then!)

I wrote this song largely about the online communities of Mastodon, "where you can be just who you are". I also was vaguely thinking of the different semi-underground communities that congregate around DNA Lounge here in San Francisco. I like the piano part in the intro a lot, it reminds me of Closing Time by Semisonic. Actually the whole track does.

I recently submitted this song on Submithub and it wound up being included in this Spotify Indie Rock playlist. Very cool!

As always, thanks for listening!